EllaBeth Bando writes through blog and book. She serves food for thought in “Little Books of Wisdom,” teaching personal and spiritual growth, clarity and understanding. Her deep, inspiring stories nourish the soul. 


“What I Learned from an Onion: Big Wisdom from little things”

Profound messages from the natural world around us, if only we will listen. A beautiful book of wisdom stories from onions, ants, daffodils, and more.

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“The Gratitude Guide: Gratitude as Prayer and Transformational Tool

Part 1: Simple Prayers connecting to the abundant, spirited world around us. Part 2: The energy of gratitude becomes a healing agent toward wholeness.

Digital Workbook, $37.00

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“Dare 2B Fair: The Power of Words to Create Unity & Harmony”

A tool for individuals, families, schools and business — 33 steps to nonviolent communication for improved relationships, social change and public discourse.