Welcome to my new blog site!

Hello Friends,

Welcome to my new blog site!

Our primary theme is “On Becoming: Wholeness and the 5th World.”

Shifts abound in earth, self and our cultural communities. Have you felt and noticed signs of this shifting? We are healing, and ‘wholing,’ from the fragmentation caused by the 4th World of Separation & Control. All that became fragmented has an exquisite potential to come back into Wholeness again in this new 5th World of Unity & Illumination. (read more here)

I consider myself an explorer in this new 5th World terrain. Please join me on the adventure, won’t you, as we chart new Pathways into this new chapter in the history of the earth.

Separation had rather rugged effects on Self-Esteem. We were ‘told’ by cultural consciousness that we weren’t good enough and we had to strive harder and harder to be acceptable. Gender, race, religions and economics bore the brunt of this way of thinking. But even those that had the magic combo of acceptability still had wounds of fragmentation. We need each other, all of us, to be Whole, this larger race of beings who all walk the same earth together.

My latest lens to view the blows to our self-esteem offers quite a see-saw image. On one end of the see saw sits ‘Shame.’ Such a soul robber, seemingly sucking our very life force right out of us! Nothing we do is good enough. We not only make endless mistakes but we sense we have become the mistake.

And on the other end sits ‘Perfectionism,’ also a life force and soul robber. Since nothing is good enough, by Jove, we have to make whatever we do better and better and perfect and more perfect, lest we be shamed again.

This dynamic ultimately dictates that we cease using our gifts and abilities—the very gifts we were given in this lifetime, with which to become whole. We become small. We hide. We demean and diminish ourselves. We don’t allow ourselves to pursue our dreams. We don’t deserve it (shame) and we can’t do it well enough (perfectionism.)

Somewhere, in between these two forces, stands our true authentic self, using our gifts, refining, and using our gifts again. Playful, intentional creation.

Since this dawning of the new 5th World, from my explorer vantage point, wholeness is taking on a whole (pun intended) new meaning for me. Friends, it’s juicy! It’s powerful! The word itself doesn’t quite convey the powerful potential that exists here!

Here’s my thinking. The Circle is the ultimate symbol of Wholeness. All things belong. Night and day. Yin and yang. Not just the socially acceptable and perfect parts of me I feel safe sharing, but all of me.

The pull to ‘not-love-self’ is a vestige of the old 4th World of Separation. The very acceptance of our short-comings, I believe, is a pathway to wholeness. We are supposed to be imperfect. It frees us– to try things, to create!

What if I now merge my flaws with my gifts, as part of a dynamic duo?  If I allow gifts and flaws to co-exist on the Wheel of my Life, am I not initiating this powerful potential for transformation into Wholeness?  Oh baby, this ‘merging’ is one of the dynamics in Wholeness–a very juicy state, indeed!

Therefore, friends, my current favorite definition of Wholeness is “a juicy state in which seeming opposites merge, yin and yang, masculine and feminine, our gifts and our flaws, igniting a fully empowered life force.”

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