Intentional Living 2017

The Wisdom Wheel

Awaken A Powerful Year Through Intention & The Wisdom Wheel

Ignite Creative Clarity & Passion

Inspire Your Dream in a Unique, Holistic process

Achieve Your Goals Aligning Body, Heart, Mind & Spirit

Create Maps of Direction to Guide You Through the Year

Have you, like most of us, made many lists of goals or New Year’s resolutions? List making is a great way to start but—have you noticed– this process quickly loses momentum.

Have you also experienced sitting alone at your desk focusing brain and “will power” toward what you wish to create? Sitting alone in one’s own closed circle narrows the fertile layers of creative interchange. It does not harness the power of group energy.

Writing a list actually only uses one part of the brain. We are blessed with so many levels of consciousness. But we don’t work with them as a unified force.

And, what happens after we write our well intentioned lists? Mostly, we continue on alone, feeling more and more disconnected until we eventually forget about them — we simply lose steam. Because we humans create our lives and commitments in Community.

There is Another Way, Through the Wisdom Wheel & Intentional Living

Align with inner & outer guidance

Tap into both the inspirational and rational parts of our brain

Align with our spirited sense of purpose

Connect  to the whole well spring of our Creative Will and Intention

Empower & stimulate ourselves with the power of group energy

We accomplish this through a powerful process of “Whole Brain Mapping.”

This Program accesses multiple layers of consciousness, inside and outside of you. Spiritual and practical, using both right and left brain hemispheres, to create clear direction of your new year.

 You will master an ancient, earth based spiritual system called Wisdom WheelWork.

You will learn to use the symbol of the Circle to give you maps of guidance throughout the year.

It consists of a series of exercises developed over 25 years–everything other than writing the list. You already know how to do that, and how it works out for you!

This Program creates a powerful energy of follow-through and accomplishment through a supportive Community of “Like Minded People Committed to Intentional Living.”

The spiritual nature of working with the Wisdom Wheel invites awareness from inside and outside of us, our mind, heart and spirited essences.

Working with the Wheel deepens our connection with our goals, as if our very cells become encoded with our intent.

We create 7 individual Wheels throughout the course, which become Maps for traveling your year.

The WheelWork is uncanny in its truthful direction and mirroring of your gifts.

The Course includes:

6 live sessions over a 6 week period, each lasting about 1 ½ hours

Each session will be recorded if you wish to listen again or were unable to listen during the live session

A private FB page, with further instruction, support, copies of needed materials, recordings, etc.

We will learn the process of ‘wheelwork’

We will create 7 individual & 7 group wheels

We will learn how to use the wheels to give us guidance throughout the year

As a bonus, I will offer various techniques and inspirational food for thought throughout the year

Intentional Living 2017

This course is presented live every year in January and February. Dates for 2018 will be announced.

For your convenience, a mini Workbook in Intentional Living & the Wisdom Wheel is currently being created and will be available for you throughout the year.

Please contact me if you are interested and I will let you know when it is completed.

Course runs January 16 – Feb 20, on Mondays at 7:30pm CST

January 9—cutoff for discount

Fee: $267

Bonus: If purchased with A Course in Gratitude, Part 2, “Gratitude as Transformational Tool” (normally $67), both courses are $199.00

$167.00 Add to cart

If needed, we have limited partial scholarships available. Reach EllaBeth with your request on our Contact page.