A Course in Gratitude:
The Transformative Art of Giving Thanks

Gift yourself with this Course in Gratitude to heal and prepare your Inner Being for a Joyous Solstice and Holiday Season. Follow it in the New Year with The Intentional Living Program for a dynamic launch into the Best Year of Your Life.

Listen and use it, again and again, throughout the year and every holiday, to create healing and restore your access to the Blessings that await your claim.

According to the Seasons, December takes us deep into a time of darkness. Your lens of reflection opens. Gratitude opens your doorway to a prayerful state of receiving Bliss and Wisdom.

According to my Elder, Grandmother Twylah Nitsch, December is the month of Gratitude.
Through appreciation of what we have been given, we till the soil for the seeds we will next plant for the next gifts coming our way.

In A Course in Gratitude, you will receive:

-13 daily messages of gratitude in your inbox
– 13 audio recordings to hear through the day
– 13 feasts of soul nourishment
– 13 connections to All That Is surrounding you
– Your Personal Gratitude Journal
– Your Course in Gratitude Workbook

– A beautiful box of inspirational Gratitude Cards
– A generous $60 discount on the upcoming January 2017 Intentional Living Program

The daily messages begin on December 5, the day of Gram Twylah’s birth, through December 17th. You will also receive additional bonus messages on the Solstice and other significant days and celestial events in the Holiday Season.

We all feel the power of our birthright gift of gratitude. Creating a field of this healing energy, in a unified group, is an exquisite explosion of that gift. We experience being lifted by an expansive group energy we receive as we travel through each day.

All you need to participate is your own receptive and reflective abilities and a willingness to practice gratitude.

As an additional thank you, look for my beautiful boxed gift set of Gratitude Cards, coming in December.

· Feel the restorative nature of Gratitude Prayer.
· Receive clear vision from this receptive state.
· Strengthen your own inner wisdom.
· Create a “Gratitude Chi Field” for healing, wellness & wholeness for self, earth & other.

The Transformative Art of Giving Thanks

Course runs 12-5 through 17 with daily messages; bonus messages throughout the season includes gratitude prayer messages via email and in audio form, a compiled workbook and the boxed set of Gratitude Cards.

As an additional bonus, we are offering a discount for the January course, Intentional Living and the Wisdom Wheel, 2017.

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