EllaBeth was taught, as most actors are, that theater began in ancient Greece with comedic and tragic productions performed by men.

However, she recently discovered a theory that the true origin of theater lies in ceremonies performed by the women in sacred groves of trees celebrating the return of spring.

“As an artist this has a deep resonance for me–women performing ceremonies to uplift and renew the spirits of the people!” EllaBeth’s artistic quest is creating performance that offers us food for growth, a fresh perspective for contemplation and nourishment for the soul.

During her exploration of theatrical content and form, one morning in a dream EllaBeth was given a word, ‘Acet-o-philous.’ While it did not exist in the dictionary, from deciphering its root words she concluded it meant ‘Vinegar Love.’ And so it was that from dreamtime, the concept of her one woman show was born.

“Acet-o-philous or Vinegar Love”

EllaBeth’s original, one woman show, ‘Acet-o-philous or Vinegar Love,’ is often performed at Fringe or Solo Festivals. EllaBeth’s latest vehicle is Take Out and Delivery Performance. She is taking her theater piece out of the theater and delivering the performance in your home or for your group.

The three monologues in Acet-o-philous or Vinegar Love, weave stories of seeming magic, near loss and full life for three very different women. From a shining ball of light, to a toddler in the ICU, and a most unusual rainbow, transformations can come when we least expect it and change our lives forever.

In an additional segment, EllaBeth gives the audience a treat with what might be called a Sound Bath, as she walks through the assembled folks with various gongs and tonal devices.

Arrange for:

  • a Take Out and Delivery Performance of Acet-o-philous or Vinegar Love
  • a reading from EllaBeth’s book, What I Learned from an Onion: Big Wisdom from little things
  • Coaching, or a Seminar, on Creating Original Material
  • Spirited Artist: Becoming Whole through Creative Spirit, a seminar to feed the artists soul
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