Through earth consciousness as a spiritual tool, EllaBeth Bando created the philosophy of “Earth, Art & Heart.”


It is an integrated system that offers guidance and encouragement for personal & spiritual growth and the pursuit of clarity, direction, fulfillment and Becoming Whole.


The Earth, Art & Heart journey begins with the core principle of Earth Connection. We define this as a pathway of walking in harmony with Earth, Self and Other.


Earth: The Life Force Power in Earth Connection

In the 4th World of Separation & Control, we became separated from the Earth. In the reconnection exists a powerful stability and source of nourishment, both physical and spiritual.


Art: Experience the Magic of the Creative Spirit

Every idea comes to us from the space inhabited by Creative Spirit. We enter this Sacred Space, receive our ideas and then playfully walk a path of manifesting the ideas we were so generously given.


Heart: Ignite a Joyous and Divine Centeredness

In this juicy state of Wholeness, where all parts of us belong, I sense that the Heart emerges as the center of the Wheel. We seek and are becoming Heart Centered. ‘Wholly’ and ‘Holy’ are one.

Wheeling The Worlds

In wheeling our many worlds, we use the Circle as a means of discovering our Truth, thereby forging a
Pathway to Wholeness.


EllaBeth was taught the concept of using the Circle, or Wheel, through her teacher, Seneca Elder Grandmother Twylah Nitsch. She wholeheartedly followed the encouragement from Ms. Nitsch to explore its many uses to reveal truth and ignite transformation.


The Wisdom illuminated through ”Wheeling the World” is uncanny, as your core essence, gifts and purpose are mirrored back to you.

Moving Into Wholeness  

On the Earth, Art, Heart Journey, together we walk through the portal of the emerging 5th World of Unity & Illumination.


In our Earth focus, we rediscover our lost roots, and plant them deep.

This gives us our renewed foundation in Earth Connection, and the autonomy to grow—unfettered—into freedom and wholeness.


In our Art focus, we learn to flourish through creating a life of mastery and meaning.

Through the practical arts of Inner Listening and Creative Impulse, we walk a playful pathway to self-fulfillment.


In our Heart focus, we find heartfelt Unity with self and other.

Heart centeredness is our Inner Pathfinder, leading us in our exploration into the inspirational power of this new terrain of the 5th World.