Dare 2b Fair

The Language of Harmony As A Force for Good
Creating Non-Violence in Thought, Word and Deed
Effective Communication for Schools, Organizations, Businesses and Communities

To paraphrase an old saw, “the word is mightier than the sword.”

Our words and images now reach great numbers of people with a click of a button.

Language is a tool we all can use as a force for social change.

Are We Creating Peace or Adding to Chaos in How We Communicate?


It was a cold winters day in Texas, with an unusual foot of snow on the ground, when Gabby Giffords and eighteen other people were shot.

With such an overwhelming feeling of helplessness, I asked myself how any one person could help? How could I help with such outbursts of violence on the rise?

From this question, a focus on language began. We all communicate. We can all pay attention to how we do so.

If the pen is mightier than the sword, isn’t it time to take stock of the ways we communicate and to strive to do better?

Dare 2B Fair, a 33 step process that allows us a chance to reflect on how we communicate is not a pursuit of perfection but rather a pursuit of awareness, mindfulness and choice.

  1. Words affect behavior and our sense of self and community.
  2. Language is a powerful ally in combatting bullying and creating tolerance.
  3. Mastering language can create more effective, harmonious environments: in business, schools, organizations and communities.

Dare 2B Fair plants the seeds of awareness that can harness the power in language. Together, we can plant seeds for a better way of building community.

Who is Dare 2B Fair for?

  • It is for people who wish to improve their communication skills;
  • People who feel they already have good skills;
  • People new to the idea of looking at how we communicate;
  • For people who wish to participate in creating a more non-violent world;
  • It is for people of all ages.
  • Families, schools, businesses, organizations, and communities.