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Creativity Consultation & Coaching

Wise Woman Traditions for Women and Men

Heart is our unifying force. What is the truth that beats within each one of us? What is at the heart of our authentic selves?

EllaBeth listens to the uniqueness of your own heart to support your gifts, abilities, dreams, desires and purpose.

Performance Coaching:

Support for a one time speech, audition prep or long term artistic growth. EllaBeth has created a holistic system to expand our performance ability in body, heart, mind and spirit.

Wise Woman Traditions for Women and Men:

A pathway for personal and spiritual growth from the Wisdom Teachings of the Wise Woman Way. Available in private sessions (online, phone or in person) or through EllaBeth’s course Earth, Art & Heart.

The Ritual & the Reading:

A prayerful quest for guidance through the Wisdom Wheel and Deep Listening.

Thinking Outside the Box—and into the Circle

An exploration into using the Circle as a holistic means to stimulate guidance and new thinking.

EllaBeth’s heartfelt intention is to enhance your creative skills in your art and life and to support you in your journey toward your dreams and goals.

Let’s find the heart of you, beating in your own rhythm, firmly in the Center of your own Wheel of Life. Creative whispering and empowerment principles support you in bringing fulfillment into your life, your art, and becoming a creative agent for positive change.

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