The Fifth World
becoming whole

The Elders speak of the History of the Earth.
The “4th World of Separation & Control” has ended.
The “5th World of Unity and Illumination” has begun.


The Elders teach the history of the Earth, as opposed to the history of Man. This history comprises 7 Worlds, or Eras, which cover the entire life span of the Earth, each governed by an evolution in consciousness. We are living in a time when the 4th World of Separation & Control is giving way to the 5th World of Unity & Illumination.


The Wheel of The Worlds


In 1987, I met and studied with Seneca Elder Grandmother Twylah Nitch. It was a time when many people were sensing widespread spiritual and cultural global shifts. She offered an overriding, ancient, framework within Earth’s history to understand and navigate the challenges of our changing times. The Wheel of The Worlds became my lens for the work I create to move toward that change.


The 4th World

The 4th World of Separation & Control was a time of difficult challenges, when all things became fragmented. Imagine a wagon wheel, with spokes disconnected from the center core. As non-functional as this seems, we adapted to the separation and learned to move forward with our broken wheels.

As I consider the impact of the 4th World, I comprehend the vast rippling effects of Separation & Control. These ripples include how we treat the earth and women, our healing practices, educational & financial systems, how we grow food, the inner workings of our brain, art vs science, thinking vs feeling, receiving & giving, and our self-esteem.

A super charged patriarchal system emerged — a hierarchy which separated women, children and elders from the governing body. The elder women, once honored for their wisdom, healing abilities & caregiving to the communities, were turned into the evil witches of story and legend. Even the words hag and crone, once terms of veneration for elder women, became laughable slurs.

This diminishment of the feminine spirit filtered into all parts of our life experience and psyche. A diminishment of peoples, cultures and religions. Separation.


The 5th World

Our emerging cultural consciousness dated the birth of the 5th World as 12-21-2012. In this new, young 5th World of Unity & Illumination, all that became fragmented, inside and outside of us, can now become Whole again.

We learned to believe that navigation on disconnected wheels, and flight on folded wing, were normal. Now, in this 5th World, the Earth is healing the Wheel, returning the Circle to a whole, connected system. Wings are stretching out, ready for new flight. Oh, how freely we will move! Who will we become? We may not yet know, but we sense a glimmer of vast possibilities.


5th World Systems

We need systems now that will allow us to become 5th World Beings– to bridge the gap of disconnection, to discern the old patterns and release them, and to reconnect with the Earth.

Grandmother Twylah taught me about using the Circle as a kind of language. She not only gave me permission but urged me to explore new ways to use this symbol. My system of using the Circle is a means toward Unity, Healing and Empowerment. My philosophy,  Earth, Art & Heart,  is a powerful umbrella of transformational processes in which to Become Whole.

The soul journey of each human being is a journey toward Becoming Whole.  Only now, at this magnificent juncture in Earth’s history, we may each walk this individual journey while the Earth herself also becomes Whole again!

Can we imagine yet what life might be like?  A world of connection, of unity, is being reborn!