A Dynamic System Of Wholeness
For Personal & Spiritual Evolution

I am a Speaker and Performer walking the Wise Woman Path.

From merging my artistic skills with a philosophy of wholeness through earth connection, I have created a dynamic system for personal and spiritual evolution.

I will guide you to Pathways to Wholeness following the Wisdom of the Earth.

EllaBeth Bando, Transformative Speaker, is a Modern Day Wise Woman Who Weaves Ancient Wisdom & Earth Connection With Transformation and Wholeness

We’re Living in a Time of Unprecedented, Rapid Change

People are encoded for change—we want it.  Yet we also unconsciously fear it. 

 Are you sensing this changing time? 

Are you seeking grace and a sense of stability in your personal transformation?

Are you drawn toward fulfilling your own potential?

Are empowerment and authenticity important to you?

Do you wish to participate toward the good of earth and humanity?

Meet EllaBeth


EllaBeth brings a magnetic atmosphere and motivates the entire gathering to come together in a heart felt embrace. People come away with a renewed sense of Possibility, Community and Wholeness.


EllaBeth believes in the transformative power in art. A magnetic performer, EllaBeth is devoted to offering heart touching, soul nourishing material to inspire our journey in life.


EllaBeth creates and performs material to feed the soul, lift the spirit and open doorways to the potential of transformation.


The expression of our authentic selves is the act of speaking our truth. Creativity Whispering illuminates your gifts and shapes your creative projects, expands your vision, and connects with your guidance.

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EllaBeth Bando is a Pathfinder to Wholeness, Author, Performer, Speaker and Seminar Leader, guiding us on Pathways to Wholeness.  She has dedicated her life to healing, creativity and empowerment in Becoming Whole.

A Creative Visionary and modern day Wise Woman, EllaBeth brings us the good news of our recent entry into “The 5th World,” as taught by her Elders and Teachers.  Now is an emerging time of unity in the history of the earth, when our wounds of fragmentation may be healed, and we may become Whole as the earth becomes Whole again.

She describes Wholeness as a “juicy state when seeming opposites merge, yin and yang, masculine and feminine, our gifts and our flaws, igniting a fully empowered life force.” EllaBeth has created ‘Earth, Art & Heart,’ a philosophy based on ancient principles for a modern world. Her creations plant seeds for personal, spiritual and cultural transformation.


The Fifth World
becoming whole

According to the Ancient Ones, the Earth is in a time of change. 

       How is this prophecy relevant for us in modern society?

                The Elders speak of the history of the Earth.

 We are leaving “The 4th World of Separation and Control” and moving 

               into “The 5th World of Unity and Illumination”.

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Earth Art

The Earth, Art & Heart Journey Begins With the Core Principle of Walking in Harmony with Earth, Self and Other.

  • Earth: The Life Force Power in Earth Connection
  • Art: Experience the Magic of Creative Spirit
  • Heart: Ignite a Joyous and Divine Centeredness

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The Live Gratitude Ceremony is held every December.

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The digital Course in Gratitude Workbook is available here.

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Dare 2b

Effective Communication





The Language of Harmony As A Force for Good

Creating Non-Violence in Thought, Word and Deed

Effective Communication for Schools, Organizations, Businesses and Communities

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creativity whisperer

Creativity Consultation & Coaching

Wise Woman Traditions for Women and Men

The Ritual and the Reading

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Wise Woman Ways